Company History

TechniQuip was founded in Massachusetts in 1970 and started life making “closed circuit television” systems for surgery bays at local teaching hospitals and gaining experience about the growing field of video devices. As time progressed TechniQuip supplemented its video products with a wide range of lighting products including early versions of the TechniLight Fluorescent Ring (US Patent 4855646) and the, now venerable FOI series of halogen illuminators. Over the next 40 years over a quarter million units of these products were shipped around the globe and it is difficult to step into any manufacturing site in the USA without finding at least one of two of these products still in service.

In 1996 the founders of TechniQuip retired and the company was purchased by Technology Dynamics Group, an aerospace products company co-founded by Dave Wensley and George Grauer in 1991. Over the next 18 years the legacy product lines were continued but supplemented with the ProLine and SlimLine LED product lines, the modernization of video crosshairs into compact digital devices, and the introduction of LED fiber optic illuminators, including ProLux. Major corporate events in this period include asset acquisitions of Sunray Manufacturing (motion picture lighting) in 2002, the fiber optic lighting division of StockerYale in 1996, and the fluorescent lighting product line of Coherent (2014). Most importantly, the amount of OEM business the Company was involved in grew dramatically in the last 10 years and today accounts for well over 50% of total company revenues. We work behind the scenes to help many of today’s top brands achieve success in their markets.

Mission Statement

TechniQuip is committed to being a leading manfacturer of optical technology to increase the productivity of people working in manufacturing, quality control, and product development environments.

Productivity through Technology

The last twenty years have fundamentally changed the global manufacturing landscape. TechniQuip adopted forward looking strategies to remain competitive in the face of ever changing demands. Today we leverage the power of modern CAD / CAM / CNC technologies to enable us to rapidly move from concept to part to assembly to delivered product. We view developing and expanding our own supply chain as a key element in our overall strategy because the quality and cost performance of our vendors directly translates to our own performance. Finally we leverage our unique location to maintain a network of skilled resources ready to step in to meet complex optical, electrical, thermal, or industrial design challenges.


TechniQuip has maintained ISO9000:20xx certification for many years and has regular factory audits from the likes of Underwriter’s Laboratory and TUV. We maintain automated systems for handling all elements of the quality cycle from non-conformances to precision electrical testing.

Certified Quality

ISO 9000:2015

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