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Proline 80 Series Gains CE Approval

We are pleased to announce that the Proline 80 series of LED Ring lights has been granted CE approval.  CE = Conformité Européene. For those not familiar with CE Marking, it is the a manufacturer’s declaration that the product complies with the essential requirements of the relevant European health, safety and environmental protection legislation, in […]

The NEW TechniQuip PRODUCT LINE UP Catalog

The World’s Best Companies rely on us, because we solve lighting problems Our solutions allow a wide range of scientists, engineers, technology professional (and their machines) to ‘see’ better. But lighting is in the midst of a dramatic renaissance – legacy technologies are giving way to LED. The advantages to using LEDs are enormous IF […]

Don’t Be Casual in Your Selection of Borosilicate Fibers for Precision Lighting Systems

Basing your optical component selections on single properties like numerical aperture (N.A.) or fiber diameter can backfire on you. However, you can reduce the probability of potential problems by reviewing real-life data revealing the impact of varied fiber-optic formulations on the transmission of broad-spectrum light. After assessing this post on fiber properties and potential pitfalls […]

Big Bulb Theory

Luminous flux is the measure of the perceived power of light. The scale takes into account the sensitivity of the human eye and, as such, differs from radiant flux.

Illumination Intensity

Luminous intensity is a measure of the power emitted by a light source in a particular direction adjusted for human’s sensitivity to certain wavelengths. It differs from radiant intensity which measures total energy in a particular direction.