Techniquip’s Popular Slimline 40 LED Ring Light for Microscope is Now CE!

PLEASANTON, CA, USA, June 2nd, 2016 — TechniQuip Corp has successfully concluded the engineering work required to affix the CE mark to its popular SlimLine 40 LED ring light for microscopes.

The CE marking system is vital for all products that are sold in the European market. “Products such as the TechniQuip’s SlimLine 40 LED ring light, are required to perform everyday microscope assisted tasks such as assembly, inspections, and research. Now, with the completion of our CE Testing and Certification European Economic Area users have access to these products” said David Wensley, TechniQuip’s President and CEO.

Similar to the FCC Declaration of Conformity used on certain electronic devices sold in the United States, the CE marking is the manufacturer’s declaration that the product meets the requirements of the applicable EC directives.

The SlimLine Series was certified to conform to the requirements of:

  • EN/IEC 62471 – Photo-biological Safety of Lamps and Lamp Systems
  • EC 61010-1:2010 – Safety Requirements for Electrical Equipment
  • IEC 61326-1: 2012 – Emissions: CISPR 11, IEC 61000-3- 2, IEC 61000-3- 3

Designed and manufactured to the exacting standards that have made TechniQuip an industry leader in microscopy ring lights, the SlimLine features 40 dimmable high brightness LEDs and delivers powerful illumination for most commonly used microscopes.

Manufactured in TechniQuip’s own Pleasanton, California factory, the SlimLine is backed by the great service and warranty that have made TechniQuip the first choice for OEM’s, laboratories, and other “mission critical” applications.

About Techniquip Corp

TechniQuip has been providing reliable and cost‐effective lighting needed to increase the productivity of people working in medicine, manufacturing, quality control, and product development environments for over 45 years. Our customers rely upon us to control light, no matter if that’s frequency, intensity, stray light, uniformity, spectrum, or something else.

Few other places can take your described problem and cost-effectively go from concept to design to manufacturing. Literally thousands of times we have melded the abstractions of requirements with the realities of cost and the intricacies of manufacturing, and devised solutions for people working in surgery, semiconductor, electronics, and other fields.

For more information about Techniquip’s Slimline Led Ring Light visit:

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David Wensley
Techniquip Corp
+1 925 251 9030


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